New Glossier Hand Cream Review

Glossier Hand Cream
Glossier Hand Cream

Glossier has finally released a hand cream and I couldn’t be readier to review it. As a former Glossier employee and all-around fan of the brand, I review every new product they put out (see: Skincare Edit, Silk Scarf, Futuredew, Glossier Tutorial). Today is no different! We’re talking about the ingredients, the scent, the sustainability factor and other things to note!

Also if you haven’t already, check out my full review and first impressions of the Glossier Hand Cream in my latest YouTube video!


The new Glossier hand cream has ergonomic packaging, meaning it’s designed for efficiency in the human work environment… whatever that means! It is mostly recyclable, minus the top cap. Glossier is getting there in terms of sustainability, but not just yet! It’s not technically a refillable product, so you need to buy a new one every time you run out (hello extra plastic waste), however Glossier has mentioned that you can refill it with your own hand sanitizer, etc.

It’s designed to take anywhere with you, so throw it in your purse, your car, your desk drawer, anywhere your little heart desires. The lid is designed to prevent spilling and I can confirm it does click shut securely so it won’t get all over the bottom of your bag.

Size-wise, this product is only 1.7 oz, so it’s okay to take on the plane with you. This is great as our skin gets very dry on airplanes, so having a hand cream to give your hands the moisture they crave is a very positive reason to get one! On the flip side, this new Glossier hand cream is $18! That’s quite a big of a splurge if you ask me for only 1.7 oz.

How to the Hand Cream

The instructions say to apply to clean, dry hands and massage into your cuticles. It’s a non-greasy feeling and does absorb fast. Since we’re all washing our hands a little extra these days, some lotion is good to bring moisture back and restore your hands.

How It Dispenses

A little goes a long way… you only need a tiny dab! Simply squeeze the bottom of the tube and dispense a little dollup of hand cream on the back of your hand. You can actually squeeze it from any angle as it’s a 360-degree packaging, which is helpful for when you’re down to the last bit of product.

Glossier Hand Cream
Glossier Hand Cream

Glossier Scent

Scent-wise I’d rate the Glossier hand cream a 2 out of 10. I know that may sound like a harsh rating, but the scent kind of ruins it for me! The scent is meant to be “Glossier You reimagined”, creamy, clean and fresh with a warm base of ambrox, musk and ambrette, balanced with top notes like pink pepper and green iris. I’m just not a huge fan. The scent not only smells weird to me, but it can be a little overwhelming. In my YouTube video above I shared a story about not wanting to bother others with my scents, and preferring unscented products when I’m applying them in public. If this product was only unscented, it would be a keeper!

If you can, try to go to the Glossier store to smell the scent for yourself before purchasing (of course once covid has ended). *Pro tip: Glossier’s return policy is really good and very relaxed. You can always buy it, see if you like the smell and then return it without a worry.


The hand cream includes fast-absorbing moisturizers like meadowfoam seed oil and coconut fruit extract. Meadowfoam seed oil is beneficial because it has a long chain fatty acid structure which delivers a good barrier and prevents rapid absorption (which, without this, the product would be more drying). Coconut fruit extract has high nutrient values, which helps diminish the appearance of scaring, and helps prevent new scars from forming. I think it’s safe to say that in true Glossier form, they didn’t skimp on the ingredients here!

Also to note, the product is dairy free but not vegan, and it is cruelty free like all of Glossier’s products. It’s also not formulated with sunscreen, it’s just a regular hand cream. Since the backs of our hands show aging more quickly, similar to the face, I like to apply Glossier’s Invisible Shield to the backs of my hands.

Other Things To Know

Glossier is still open for shipping given everything. I ordered my product on a Thursday and received on a Wednesday, so a total of six days later, which is within the standard 5-7 days I was promised via free shipping. No delays is always a good thing! Of course this will vary depending on where you live, and especially country-by-country.

The new Glossier hand cream is suitable for all skin types, so safe for sensitive skin. I couldn’t find any information on whether or not it’s safe if you have eczema, but I will update this post if I find out. It’s formulated specifically to be used for the hands though, so definitely do not put this on your face! However if it’s safe for your hands it’s safe for your body, so if you need to help out a cracked elbow or dry knee, using a little in a pinch would be just fine. If you’re looking for an all over body lotion though, I’d recommend Glossier’s Body Hero Daily Lotion, it’s a favorite!

Another thing to mention is that Glossier donated hundreds if not thousands of hand creams to healthcare workers who are washing their hands a lot right now as well as fighting covid on the front lines for us. I love the fact that Glossier is responsible as a company and can adapt quickly to the needs of their consumers.

Glossier Hand Cream
Glossier Hand Cream

Final Thoughts on the Glossier Hand Cream

Final thoughts… would I buy this product again? Probably not. This is actually the very first time I’ve felt this way about a Glossier product so you know it’s true! The scent is just too big of a factor for me, combined with the high price for such little product. The ingredients are top notch however, and is very easy to use (and super cute!).

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Let me know what your thoughts are – have you tried the new Glossier hand cream? Will you use it?




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