The Friday Five: The Best Summer Aloe, Putting Beauty Products in the Fridge, and Letting it Go!

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing 4th of July! While this time of year is a busy one for me work-wise, I have to say I definitely got some time off this week to reset and catch up on all the little things!

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This week’s Friday Five is a combination of some favorite items I discovered this week and what’s “on my radar”. What’s on yours? Leave a comment below and let’s discover new things together! <3

ONE // Rose Quartz Water Bottle

I saw Romee Stijd use this one from Glacee and my heart melted. Built in glass with a precious stone in the center of your water, this is a solid conversation piece. It’s not built for active activities – think working out, running, flying, etc., however as a general everyday water bottle to keep you on track with your hydration goals – it’s great! Such a beautiful piece.

TWO // Putting Beauty Products in the Fridge

I was applying my Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich the other day and noticed that the summer heat is melting it just a tad. And then I remembered — people literally have mini fridges specifically for their beauty products! Hoping to prolong my favorite staples, I brought my moisturizer along with my Moisturizing Moon Mask and a liquid gel eye over to the fridge, right next to my cilantro and celery! It also has a cooling affect when you apply which is both soothing and great for minimizing pores – win-win!

THREE // The Best Aloe for Sunburns

Admittedly, I’ve spent more time in the sun these past two weekends then I should. Currently writing this as I lean on my sunburned back, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Aloe and the best ingredients for sunburns. A few years back I visited a small boutique Aloe-shop (you heard that right, the shop was literally dedicated to Aloe) that completely blew all other aloe out of the water. I’m talking about Key West Aloe – Save a Tan. It’s 80% pure aloe applies white at first before going clear – so you know that you’re reaching all the right places!

FOUR // Let It Go

This week being the 4th of July, I’ve had to learn a few important lessons. The most important of which: letting things go. I had great 4th of July plans to visit the Hamptons with my boyfriend, however due to circumstances beyond our control, the trip was cancelled. Now I’m a big “celebrate the holiday on the actual day” person and have huge FOMO when it comes to missing celebrations, so it was hard to just let it go. Instead of sitting at home sulking, I decided to make the most of it, find my friends/meet new people that were staying in the city for the holiday, and ended up having a great time!

FIVE // Workwear Outfits

In case you missed it, I uploaded “What I Wear to Work” over on my YouTube channel. This is a super casual, very-real life video featuring what I wear on an average, Monday through Friday workweek. I thought this would be an interesting view into the daily life of us randos on the internet! And if you’re interested in this type of content, I also encourage you to check out my Night Routine After Work video, or Work Bag Essentials for full time jobs!


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