Reviewing the Glossier Skincare Edit: Worth It?

You might know that I’m a HUGE Glossier fan… and you might not.

I’m on standby for every new release, 100% willing to wait in long lines and looking for clues throughout the year for hints of new products.

You also might know that I used to WORK for Glossier. That’s right! I had a stable 9-5 job and instead of going home at night… I would go to work after work at Glossier! I was a showroom editor for six whole months, wearing the pink jumpsuit and white Adidas shoes proud. Everything about that job was magical, and when I stepped foot into the New York flagship, I felt like I was home. Unfortunately I had to leave my side-gig at Glossier because my I changed 9-5 jobs and could no longer do both, but I still get just as excited when they release new products and today I can’t wait to share my full review with you on the new Skincare Edit.

The Skincare Edit is a limited edition set of mini skincare routine staples. Perfect for travel, and perfect to give as a gift this holiday season, especially for someone who is eager to try the brand, this is a great introduction to try all of the products. Inside we have:


MIlky Jelly is a conditioning cleanser, meaning it won’t strip your skin or leave it feeling dry or irritated. It also has the same ingredient as contact solution so it’s safe to go over your eyes to remove eye makeup, so a two in one get the job done.


Super Bounce is a hylauronic acid serum. Don’t let the word “acid” scare you — I promise it’s super gentle! This is an absolute must for every woman, every age to keep your skin moisturized and renewed. It prevents fine lines and keeps the skin soft, smooth and healthy looking. It’s especially needed on long flights or any dry-climate situations. I use this serum every single morning after cleansing.


Aka PMR, this is an ultra luxurious face cream. It come in a pot and has a super creamy consistency, with a very nice lavender bedtime scent (in my opinion). It has shea and murumuru butter along with fatty acids which reinforce the skin’s moisture barrier. Once I started using this, I couldn’t go back! It’s everything.


Kiss your cherry chapstick and your carmex goodbye. There is nothing like balm dotcom. I repeat. It’s multipurpose, so after applying to lips you can go over your cuticles, dry elbows, or anything else that needs a little extra love. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve found that when using balm dotcom, I don’t need to reapply it as often as I do with chapstick. It’s as if it’s penetrating the lips and moisturizing them from withing rather than just applying a waxy coat to the top.


Futuredew will be the last step in this skincare essentials routine. After moisturizing and before makeup, futuredew preps your skin for your foundation./concealer and gives an all over under makeup glow that looks healthy and natural. It’s an oil-serum hybrid so you’re not just applying highlighter/glitter all over your face to get hat glow, it actually has good healthy plant extracts in there helping your skin long-term.


This headband reminds me of a workout headband. It’s a light pink stretchy material with two sticky grips going all the way around on the inside so your hair stays in place. I would use this during your first step of applying the milky jelly cleanser to keep your hair back. It’s also cute for just around the house or your next workout!



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