Try It Tuesday: Glossier Futuredew

Happy Tuesday! For today’s “Try It Tuesday” I’m pulling out a brand new product from Glossier called Futuredew. Now if you’re familiar with Glossier you might know that they pretty much coined the ultra dewy-all over look trend and are the queens of natural makeup. So when Futuredew hit the market, this product was no surprise.

A wise makeup artist once told me to apply highlighter all over my face under my foundation for a natural all-over glow. While this does look amazing, I had some hesitations doing it everyday since highlighter can’t be the best for your skin — but in come Futuredew. The product is an oil-serum hybrid meant to moisturize and nourish the skin while giving you a gleamy, glowing, cared-for look. It’s a win-win for both skincare and makeup!

Watch the video below to see my first impressions and full review! <3


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