My LoveShackFancy Target Picks

LoveShack Fancy Target
LoveShack Fancy Target

If you are a fan of LoveShackFancy, this will be exciting news for you! The feminine-chic brand founded by Rebecca Hessel Cohen has officially announced their collaboration with Target. The LoveShackFancy Target collection will include 25 brand new styles with the same vintage, floral boho energy that we know and love. The collection is exclusive to Target and will drop on June 6th, 2020 at 3:00 am Eastern so mark your calendars!

My love started when…

I first discovered LoveShackFancy back in 2018 while staying in Sag Harbor with my boyfriends family. There is a cute little street in the middle of town and the store was hard to miss! It’s a 1780s converted farmhouse that they decked out with bows, frills, and the cutest beach cruiser bike out front (see picture below from this exact day!).

LoveShackFancy Sag Harbor
First time visiting LoveShackFancy Sag Harbor in 2018

From there, I was hooked! Upon stepping inside the doors I felt like I had been transported to this beautiful, happy, gorgeous girly place. It just felt so me! The white, beige, pastel and pink tones, the tiny floral patterns, the embroidery, the frills — it’s the style that I’ve been waiting for everyone to accept because it feels like my truest to the core style! I had to get my hands on some of their dresses. The only problem was… the price!

In the years following I was able to adorn many a LoveShackFancy dress through my Rent the Runway subscription, however actually owning a $300+ dress is still out of my price range. It’s because of this reason that LoveShackFancy has felt like an aspirational brand to me, that “one day when I’m rich and successful” thought that we all have. It’s brands like this that inspire us to work hard.

LoveShackFancy West Village
LoveShackFancy West Village

Therefore, I think you can understand my shock and hesitation at first when I saw they were collaborating with Target. Oh No! I thought, as I didn’t want it to cheapen the brand in any way. However Target has done collaborations with many a designer — it’s a way for them to reach an audience that hasn’t otherwise known about them yet. And for many of us, it’s a way to get their dresses at an affordable price!

Now the LoveShackFancy Target collection is nothing short of amazing. Every dress is elegant and feminine. Some are a maxi-style, while some are a mini dress. Perfect for Spring and Summer, whether it’s a lazy Sunday, around the house, to the park or thrown over a bikini to the beach, a graduation party, garden party, anywhere!

My *pro tips* for shopping are the following:

  1. Set an alarm – The collection will likely sell out, so you need to hop on the internet at the exact time it goes live! (let’s hope the site doesn’t crash)
  2. Mark your favorites – To make adding to basket quicker and more likely to get the products you want, make an account with Target if you don’t have one already and “heart” your favorite styles. Even add in your shipping and credit card info so you’re ready to go!
  3. Prioritize – If you love every style like me but don’t want to drop $$$ on every single thing, make your decisions ahead of time about how many dresses you’re going to allow yourself to get, which ones are your favorite, etc.
  4. Look at the Size Charts beforehand – To save you time and make it more likely to get the styles you want, check out the size charts and know ahead of time which size you’re going to select each time!

Now for My LoveShackFancy x Target picks!


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