DC Isn’t The Only Place to See Cherry Blossoms: Where to View in New York City

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If you’ve ever attempted to view the Cherry Blossoms during peak season in Washington DC you might know how difficult it can be. First, the actual “peak” in pretty unpredictable. Even though scientists make a pretty good educated guess on which week/weekend it will land, last-minute factors like warm or freezing weather can set it forward or back a few days, which makes planning hard if you’re coming from out of town.

I went to college in Baltimore, MD (go Houndz) and Washington, DC was only about a 45-minute drive away, so going to see the cherry blossoms was an easier feat (ah wasn’t everything back then?). These days with job-commitments and having to book a hotel, I wasn’t able to go… this year, or last year, or the year before. Poor me! Just kidding 😉

What I wasn’t expecting, however, is the abundance of beauty only a subway-ride away situated in the middle of Manhattan. I was strolling through the park last weekend, actually on my way to the Bow Bridge when I noticed these gorgeous pink flowers. I climbed down a hill only to find, to my delight, that very few people had noticed this even though it was only a few steps away from one of the most heavily trafficked areas in the park! Now it’s a little difficult to explain how to get there (there’s no street signs in a park) so bear with my instructions…

First, find your way to Bethesda Fountain. Yes, the one you see in movies. If you’re on top of the bridge (near the road with the horses) looking down the steps, turn right. Follow the path for maybe, er, 20 to 25 feet. You should see a rock formation at the top of a hill. Go down that hill and BAM! Right there!

The second spot is in Prospect Park. Yes, the one in Brooklyn. Fortunately I live in Windsor Terrace which is right near the park, so I was able to find this quite easily. You’ll want to enter through Bartel-Prichard Square (it’s actually shaped like a circle though, it’s a roundabout). You’ll see them right at the entrance and also scattered in a few places in the park. If it’s a nice day, I’d definitely recommend taking a nice walk through the park regardless!

And that’s it! Have you seen any Cherry Blossom spottings this year? Would love to know where!




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