Thoughts on Buying from Rent the Runway

Jumpsuit: La Vie Rebecca Taylor

It’s no secret by now that I use Rent the Runway. Not only is it a source of inspiration and easy way to wear designer pieces, but I truly believe that a girl’s wardrobe in the future will be 70% rented, 30% owned. It’s more sustainable — better for the environment + saves you money. I’ve made an entire YouTube video on how I use RTR by the way, which you can find below!

But what I didn’t realize was how easy it is to actually buy the clothes that you are renting. Now this may sounds like it defeats the purpose… but hear me out. The piece is essentially used – worn by women around the country multiple times over, so it’s similar to buying from a second-hand store. Second, the prices are great, typically 70-80% off designer items. Third, you get to try it on first and wear it IRL, so you know whether or not you actually like it and can fit it into your wardrobe and everyday style. Fourth, it’s so easy to buy! Literally two swipes on the app and they say “it’s yours”! You already have it in your home so no paying for shipping or waiting for it to arrive, you just keep it! What’s not to love?

Have you tried RTR? What are your thoughts?




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