36 Gramercy East: A Dream Location

Dress: Alexia Admor

Bag: Chanel (similar)

Shoes: Misguided

I’m always keeping one eye open for great backgrounds in New York City. This one in particular, 36 Gramercy East, stood out to me because of its castle-like look, complete with a knight-in-shining armor and all. In person the building is even more stunning. I would have no problem standing there for hours staring straight up into the sky… the architecture feels like it’s surrounding you and never-ending (see last photo for the depth).

What was even more delightful and unexpected was the people I met in this location. From the building staff to the kids playing hide-and seek to the “I work for a fashion designer and you look like a model” woman who was just walking outside for her morning run. In such a beautiful building you would only expect successful, in-a-hurry-type people but on this Saturday morning, everyone was happy to strike up a conversation and step outside to enjoy the Spring weather.

One thing about New York City I’ve found is that you’re surrounded by things you can’t have, things that feel unattainable. This building, like many others, fall into that category easily. I watched a documentary once about the luxury market and expensive things. The reality is that we need things that feel “unattainable” to give us motivation to work hard. If there is nothing we desire to receive as a fruit of our labor, why would we work for it? And if no one was “working for it” we wouldn’t move forward or progress as a society. So whenever I see something I can’t have, I use it as motivation to keep going. On the topic of inspiration, I read a quote today by the marvelous Charlotte Tilbury that read, “Trust yourself and keep working.” While this may be the beginning of my blog and my Instagram Feed, I’m going to use this mantra to keep listening to myself and create beautiful things.

What inspires you?




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