The Friday Five – My First!

Introducing my very first #fridayfive!

Each Friday, I’ll be talking about what’s been on my radar for the week – products I’ve discovered, places to try, books to read, etc.

Here’s what’s on my radar Friday, April 5th:


Four words: gold-leaf ice cream (pictured above). I found this hidden gem last weekend when the weather was beautiful out in New York. I had seen a picture of it’s bright pink flowers and thought, naturally, it would make a great background for my Instagram feed. What I didn’t realize however is that sitting inside was an ice cream as delicious as it is beautiful. I went for the gold-leaf, which is technically “milk flavored” but so good! Would highly recommend as soon as the weather gets warm! It’s also in a great location around NoHo so great if you’d like to go shopping afterwards!


If you haven’t heard of Mejuri yet giirrlll… just wait. I first heard about Mejuri through some of my coworkers when I worked at Glossier (the brands attract the same trendy cool crowd). The lowdown is this: top quality gold and silver jewelry for an affordable price. Everything is simple and dainty. I went for two tiny little stackable rings (this one and this one) that I’m now wearing on my pointer finger… and I can’t get enough of them!


I’m a little late to the game on this one since this is such an amazing product, but I finally purchased the Filmstar Bronze & Glow Palette from Charlotte Tilbury. While I definitely have many different bronzing, contouring and highlighting palettes in my makeup collection already, this one has two things that others don’t: 1) a huuuge mirror on the inside and 2) the most gorgeous gold packaging. Therefore, this palette doubles as a super chic makeup mirror to keep in your purse and whip out anytime you need a touch-up or to reapply your lipstick after eating. It’s just so pretty! I also purchased the brush that goes with it which is probably the best contouring brush on the market right now, just saying!


I got one of these for free, because Google was doing an event in New York where if you waited in line you could either get a free donut or a free Google Home Mini and long story short I ended up getting a Google Home Mini! If you can’t get one for free, they only go for about $40. This week, I’ve been loving it for it’s “Ok Google, tell me about my day” feature, where Google will tell you the weather, your schedule for the day, and then most importantly the news headlines for the day. Google will play quick news clips for you to listen to, which is super helpful to stay informed,. I listed to them while I’m doing my makeup. It’s great if you don’t have cable like me or have too small of an apartment for a little TV in your bedroom to watch the news in the morning! I then follow up reading other headlines/articles on my phone on the train into work.


I don’t think I’ve officially spoken about Rent the Runway on my blog yet, but I’ve been using this service for a few months now since the start of my Instagram page (@thefashionsquirrel) and the re-launch of my blog. RTR offers an unlimited package where you can get four items at a time and swap them out as many times as you would like throughout the month. They carry a lot of great designers like Rebecca Minkoff, Love Shack Fancy, ASTR, Tibi, etc. whos pieces are very pricy – but you can wear them for only $159 a month! It makes a lot of sense if you’re a blogger who is constantly taking pictures or attending events. I personally use it for a lot of my blog photos and save a ton of money doing so! I made an entire YouTube video talking about this, which you can watch here!


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