Thoughts on Summer Solstice

Where am I right now? In the back of an Uber fresh off the sample sale scene with shrimp cocktail in my purse for dinner later.

It’s summer solstice, which always makes me a bit sad. We wait all year long for summer and just as it starts to get warm… the days stop getting longer. Who’s idea was that?! I know this doesn’t mark the middle of summer, but some say that it’s summer at it’s peak, when I’m just getting started.

Summer solstice also makes me think about my purpose and what I want to get out of life. I’m guilty of getting in a winter rut and making the excuse that oh, I’ll start doing xyz when it gets warm out — working out regularly, working towards my dreams outside my 9-5, taking full advantage of my youth while I still have it.

Do we use summer as a moment to get on track and set a goal to reach by the end, or do we use it as a time to finally relax?

How do we enjoy summer in New York? Is it leaving the city every weekend? Is it laying in the park and soaking up one of the few available patches of grass? Is it sipping rose and oysters on a crowded rooftop? Tell me! I want to know.

How do you live your summer?



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