First Day of Work: What to Wear

Today was my actual first day at a new job! Pictured above is a quick shot just before I left in the morning.

Your first day at a new job can always bring lots of emotions – excitement, nervousness, fear, adventure. This got me thinking about what to wear on my own first day, and thought I would share some tips that helped me break through the unknown. 

First of all, this is a good time to fall back on your “go-to” outfits/pieces. This is not the time to try something new! There’s plenty that can go wrong on your first day (being late, breaking your heels, not knowing where to go, forgetting something important… I could go on), so don’t let your outfit fall into this category! Choose what you’re most comfortable in, because no matter what, you’re probably going to feel a tad awkward. 

If you’re not sure what your company’s dress code is (like me) go for something safe. While black can feel like a good choice, sometimes it can come off a bit too formal if the company is more business casual. You can see I chose a pale blue above, because it’s not too loud and not too one way or another. When it comes to shoes, if you’re not at least 100% confident in heels don’t wear them. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you could trip at any second. Stick with a flat!

For makeup, keep it simple and classy. You’re not trying to draw attention to yourself (at least not in a negative way) so neon lipstick or too much cat eye might feel like a bit much for the office. I like to brighten up my inner corners a bit so I look more awake, and apply a reddish-brown lipstick to emphasize my natural lip shape. Again, it’s up to you, and I cannot emphasize enough how you should stick to your typical go-to! Another tip is that you should come ready to have your photo taken, because you’re most likely going to have an ID badge made to swipe in. I like to bring a tiny compact mirror and little brush to quickly look into before they take the picture (you usually only get one take). 

I should have named this post how to take a good ID photo! 

Just kidding 😉



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