I’m back! Where Have I Been?

It’s been quite a bit of time since my last post.

I miss blogging, I do! And while I’ve been on some ups and downs thinking about what this blog should talk about, what my “niche” should be, what I should write about or what I shouldn’t write about, I’ve decided to just go for it and not wait for things to be perfect. 

A new mindset: production not perfection. 

I think this mindset is helpful to remember for a number of reasons. One being a quote I read in Alison Trowbridge’s “Twenty-Two” was that somewhere along the line young girls are told “you can be anything” but what we heard was “you have to be everything”. I think it’s important for us to remember to stop, take a breather and just do something, even if it’s not perfect, and also to remember that we don’t have to be amazing or perfect at everything! 

Over the last few months I have had two jobs, left both and am starting a new job tomorrow. I have traveled to Greece, the Hamptons, and took a week and a half to breathe, focus on myself, get organized and be ready for new adventures ahead. 

If you’re reading this, I hope you will follow along for original thoughts, inspiration, what I’m loving, following, eating, wearing, doing, living and believing! 



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