Fast + Cute Valentines Day DIY Sweater

It’s that time again… full of pink hearts, read hearts, love and happiness, and it’s only two days away! (dun dun dunnn). Whether you’re feeling the flowers and chocolates this year or not, this cozy & huggable sweater is here to be your best friend — and is sure to get you a few compliments when you can say you made it yourself! ;). 

I’ve broken this down in to way more steps than necessary, but here you will find just how easy it is! 

Step 1: Pick a cute sweater (mine was really cheap from H&M, nothing fancy is needed here since we’re rough cutting and sewing and probably not going to wear this any more than once)

Step 2: Use construction paper to measure the size of the heart (you get cute bonus points if you free-draw the heart yourself rather than printing from the internet)

Step 3: Cut out the heart + check to make sure it’s the size you want 

Step 4: Trace your heart on your fabric (mine is a plain red jersey knit that I found at the fabric store Mood) *Tip: Using a white board marker will work better than a sharpie

Step 5: Line up the heart to your elbows and then safety pin to hold it in place

Step 6: Sew the heart. I used a simple in one side, out the other which worked out great, but you can always just search simple stitches on YouTube. Keep the safety pins in until you get close to them to keep the heart in place. 

I really enjoyed this part. I sat near my window on a Saturday morning listening to Norah Jones while the sunlight filled my room. Who knew sewing could be so relaxing? Its one of those step away from your phone and all social media kind of feelings. Like you’re somehow safe and calm and letting your mind focus on something other than everyday life. 

And that’s it! Maybe have your own little photoshoot and just have fun with it. 

Love & confectionery hearts,



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