Do It Yourself: How to Quit Relying on Other People

I can remember around the time that I turned sixteen and my dad wanted to make sure I knew how to check the oil and change the tire of a car… but I practically refused to learn, stating that if I was broken down I can always just call a friend or expect that a stranger would pull over and help me. Not only is this presumptuous and a bad idea, but why couldn’t I be the one to fix it?

This concept of “doing it yourself” is a lesson that isn’t always obvious to us at first. How easy it would be to hire someone else to drill a hole in our wall or put up shelves, for example. But how often do we think about doing some research, buying the right tools, trying, failing, and trying again until we learn and get it right? 

No one should ever turn down knowledge, and so called “manly” tasks are no exception.

We know more than we think we do, we’re stronger than we think we are, and if someone doesn’t like that, then so what? And if you want to use a pink hammer and tools while doing it, then so be it! (i.e. the pink toolkit sitting on my bed in the picture). 

Because anything “they” can do we can do (and probably better). 😉


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