The $6 Pigments You Need Right Now

I promised myself I would’t be that girl this year who was in line at Ricky’s NYC the day before Halloween, but here I was, excitedly looking around at fake eyelashes and polyester costumes hanging on the wall in plastic bags. I had decided on an alien this year (picture silver metallic top, the obvious skater skirt). I paced into the shop after work in search of the perfect glittery makeup, and after finding a table in the back full of colors and glitters, I suddenly found myself swatching and testing with the sales associate on the back of our hands. 

“Oh! She’s looking for the same thing we are!” said a girl to her friend as I showed the associate a picture I found on Pinterest. Apparently an alien was a popular costume for 2017. 

These NYX Pigments are the Halloween MVP. Specifically, the one all the way to the right, called a “glitter brilliant“. With the glitter brilliant, you have two options. 

1) Place a little glue (I used Ben Nye Glitter Glue) on the area and spread it around with your fingers, then lightly sprinkle the glitter on top.

2) Go all- all out by painting the glue onto the area with a brush and then go ham tapping the glitter on top of the glue, then blow off the excess and you’re left with the glitter on the right! 

I went for #2 (on the right) the night of and will never go back. The best thing? These pigments only cost $6! For the “highlight on fleek” most of us are paying for at Sephora right now, I think this is a pretty good deal. 

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What were you for Halloween? Any fun makeup? Let me know in the comments! 


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