Sharing My Mood Board + Why Vision Boards are So Important

As a blogger, YouTuber and content creator, it’s important to have a mood board to refine your style and visualize your theme. You want your readers and viewers to understand what niche you fit into and what they can expect when they visit. Maybe they share a similar style, or maybe they admire your style. A mood board is a visual representation of this concept. While many keep this next to their desk as a reminder, I feel that it’s important to open it up to your viewers and take them along the same journey with you. So I’m sharing my “mood board” with you. My style is of course girly (you guys know that) but it’s also classic, chic, romantic, floral, soft, sometimes cozy, cool but warm, glittery, pastel, pink, white. See my inspiration images below!

A mood board can also be defined as a vision board, or what you want to accomplish and/or achieve in the future. This can be something as simple as being able to afford a handbag you’ve been admiring or moving to a new city, achieving your fitness goals… whatever you dream, you put it up on the board as an everyday reminder to make moves and work towards your goals. The idea is that if you constantly put that reminder in front of yourself, you can achieve anything. See my current vision board below! This one isn’t as pretty, but it’s definitely more specific. I have a picture of a Chanel Classic Flap, because that’s my dream bag, I have a picture of a cute little office space because it would be my dream to be a full time blogger and have my own space, avoiding working from an office for the rest of my life. I have a picture of the South of France because I’d love to travel here and a picture of a plane for travel in general. I have a girl working out because it’s a goal of mine to wake up and do morning workouts in the park near my apartment. I have a girl with beautiful long blonde hair because I want to one day figure out how I can get some myself (keep dreaming Taylor haha). I have an image of beautiful veggies to remind me to eat cleaner. You get the picture!

What would your personal mood board + vision board consist of? What’s your style and what’s important to you?

*as a disclaimer, all of the rights to these images go to their respectful owners!


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