3 Tips to Finding Instagrammable Pink Walls in New York City

Ah, yes, the “pink wall” background. We know it, we love it, and we want it on our feeds. Unfortunately for New Yorkers, we all know that the best bright solid-backgrounds are over two thousand miles away in LA. However, I’m here to tell you that as someone who’s shot all over the city, there are more solid pink walls than you might think in our own neighborhood. If pink is in your aesthetic… read on!


When it comes to a solid pink wall, sometimes you have to look in unusual or unexpected places. Take for example the photo below. This was actually a large Vimeo advertisement on Lafayette Street, right outside of NoMo Kitchen! I was packing up my last shoot for the day about to head home when I spotted a larger than life advertisement, and quickly ran over to it. Yes, there was some light wording that can be edited out later, but the key was knowing that it was a mostly solid-color and large enough to get what you need with a crop.


You can ask my friends and boyfriend, and they will tell you that everywhere we go I’m half paying attention them and half paying attention to the scenes around me for potential future backgrounds! If I find something, I’ll take a picture of 1) the background and then 2) the cross streets so that I know where to find it again. I save them into a folder on my phone called simply “backgrounds”. Below is the new Marc Jacobs in SoHo!


If you’re sitting at home bored and thinking of what to do, get outside and walk around! The background below was found in the Lower East Side, (right outside of Morgensterns Finest Ice Cream), not an area I think to frequent as often when I’m taking photos (I usually peruse around SoHo, Central Park, more chic/classy areas). Pink walls are not always plastered all over Instagram, so sometimes you need to find new places on your own. The best way to do that is to just explore new parts of the city or areas you wouldn’t think to look!


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