3 Key Tips To Look Chic When It’s Hot!

When the temps reach 90 degrees, it can be tough to keep it together. Your makeup is sweating off, your hair does not look the same as when you left the house, and your dress is sticking to your legs. I’m guilty of just throwing on a pair of shorts and a tank top and walking out the door most days! But when we need to look good, i.e. going to work, attending an event, going to a party — we need to find the proper balance. I’ve put together my three top tips for staying cool in the heat!

ONE // Light Makeup

The summer is the best for makeup because chances are, if you’ve been in the sun at all you have a little bit of a tan going on, which is flattering. When this happens – throw away the foundation! Pat a little concealer on spots where needed, but in general keep it light! My favorite brand (you guys know) for light makeup is Glossier. A little dab of stretch concealer, some puff cloud paint and haloscope in moonstone and I’m out the door! You’re going to sweat it off anyways, so better to not clog your pores with too much.

TWO // Hair Up

If you have beautiful perfect hair that isn’t affected by the heat/humidity — then ignore this point. But if you’re like me and lots of other ladies who’s hair goes from smooth blowout to frizzy mess within 5 minutes of being outside, listen up! Put your heat styling tools away. They’re basically a moot point and damaging your hair for little payoff. What I like to do is either swoop my hair up into a high-bun so it’s off my shoulders (see tutorial here), or put all up in a clip, etc. The point is to have it off your shoulders but like you meant for it to be that way. My go-to is the ballerina bun, slicked back with lots of hairspray so no matter what’s happening with the weather, I know it will stay looking the same as when I left the house!

THREE // Pay Attention to Fabrics

Linen is great for summer. It’s breathable and light. It’s only downside is that it wrinkles easily, so if you’re going for a long car ride or will be sitting down, maybe choose something else. The other fabric I like is cotton. I find that putting on a soft white cotton top in the summer can really cool you down!

Stick to these three rules and you’ll beat the summer heat! How are you staying cool this summer?


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