Why Tiffany & Co. Deserves a Spot Under Your Christmas Tree This Year

Tiffany & Co has long-been an iconic American luxury jeweler. If you’re an Audrey Hepburn fan, you probably know of the famous Breakfast at Tiffany’s scene where Audrey’s character Holly Golightly gets dressed up in pearls and a black dress just to eat croissants and stare into the Tiffany’s windows on New York’s 5th Avenue.

While I am an Audrey fan myself (I even have a signed picture of her hanging above my bed), I have never set foot in an actual Tiffany’s store. In the four years I’ve lived in the grand New York City, I’ve never actually walked in. The reason is because of the “intimidation factor” that many luxury brands unconsciously create. You know the one. The feeling that you can’t even step foot into a nice store “just to look” if you aren’t planning on buying anything.

However, I went in recently thinking, “what the heck!” if you like something, let yourself enjoy it, and looking is just fine. What I wasn’t expecting was how open and welcoming the store would feel. There were people everywhere from all over the world doing their holiday shopping. I thought they had just he one floor, but they have multiple floors, all with different themes/needs! They had one floor with just sterling silver, and boy, they will turn anything into sterling silver! This floor is great for gifts. You can pretty much find something for everyone on your list from dog-lovers to bookworms to cooks (try the dog collar, sterling silver paper clip bookmark, or nice champagne flute set).

Tiffany & Co. has close to 200 years of history, founded in 1837. In recent years, the brand has had a hard time keeping up with younger generations, however I believe that this is changing. Aside from their efforts this year partnering with celebrities like Elle Fanning, Lady Gaga and even Beyonce, T&Co. has made strides by offering everyday items with a coveted luxury twist. Think a clothespin, flower pot, reusable straws, legos, paper cups. There are people out there who would buy it! It’s the feeling that you’re getting something nice but at a more entry price point. Love the idea or not, the store is a mecca for gifts, especially to show someone you care. And now that the shipping cutoff is over for most stores, head in and shop in-store in time for Christmas!


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