Pretty Cocktails and Sweetheart Sweaters

Sweater: Rebecca Taylor at Nordstrom Rack

I visited one of my favorite brunch spots in the West Village last weekend, While We Were Young. If you live in NYC or are visiting, I would definitely put this on your list of places to visit. It’s a small restaurant, very quaint and brightly lit. The cocktail list is the most unique of all. I’ve never seen such beautiful glasses, like the one in my hand above shaped like a bird. Other drinks come in glasses such as a pot of honey, a globe, a bouquet of flowers… with little details like a tiny paper airplane, a mini pink paperclip or a little piece of lavender. If there’s one drink you should try though, it’s their signature, the While We Were Young!

But restaurant aside, let’s talk about this sweater. It’s a sweetheart neckline with lace so it’s cute like a blouse but cozy like a sweater. The best part is it’s on sale now at Nordstrom Rack at 52% off! Run don’t walk!




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